Find your Agent-Distributor

This concerns only:

Brands, Owners, Export Managers, Distributors, Local Agents/Representatives of childrenswear.

(Baby Lines – Kids’ Lines – Boys’ or Girls’ Lines – Casual or Formal – Underwear – Pajamas – Shoes – Accessories).

If you are an:

  • Owner or the Export Manager of a Brand of the above category and you would like to elevate your brand on an international level


  • Distributor or Agent/Representative, of the above category and you would like to build new collaborations (to import or represent) new international brands in your Country-State/Province/Area.

You will be surprised by how the following project can be your aid in elevating your business on an international level.

Dino Mignon, will provide to all manufacturing companies around the world, who are looking to establish collaborations, a  list of agents and distributors from several countries looking for new co operations and vice versa. Set your appointments at the private offices that Dino Mignon will provide to you during the days of the event.

Through our unique worldwide database we map your needs for new international co-operations in the industry of children’s products. The database  already consists of more than 4.500 contacts of Brands, Owners, Export Managers, Distributors or local Agents/Representatives of baby and children’s products around the world. Its sole aim is to serve as your guide in your future international business steps.

A curated list of selected business partners and collaborators will be provided to you upon entry to the Dino Mignon International Kids Fashion Expo in Canada. The purpose of the list will be to facilitate private meetings between you and potential business partners during the days of the Expo.

In order to be able to provide you with the information that correspond to your needs you please choose and fill the appropriate Form below that suits your profile. Let Dino Mignon prepare your agenda, a list with your potential co-workers.

Dino Mignon is more than just the first International Kids Fashion Expo in Canada,
Dino Mignon offers more than just the first International Children’s Fashion Business Conference (ICFBC) in Canada,
Dino Mignon ultimately is more than just the events during the days of the Fair.
Dino Mignon is the place you need to be!!

You will only have to choose the best collaborations for your business.


This service is available to the Brands and Distributors that will participate at Dino Mignon expo as exhibitors and to all the Agents/Representatives that will attend as exhibitors or visitors.

Dino Mignon is a trade Fair. The admission for all visitors, Agents/Representatives, Retailers, Department stores, Chain stores is free.

Admission at the Children’s Fashion Business Conference (ICFBC) is open only to Brands, Owners, Export Managers, Distributors, Local Agents/Representatives.

For further information and more questions, don’t hesitate to contact us,

By phone: +1 514-506-6286

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