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You can add your products and setup your showroom by yourself or ask Dino Mignon’s experts to create your unique showroom. The cost is $1 USD per product. Payment by credit card.For this service please send (I would like Dino Mignon’s experts to create my shoowroom) to:

Use our tools for your existing clients and generate new clients and sales online. By using our platform you could:

  • Save time for your and your customers
  • Reduce your expenses for travels, participations on trades shows, reduce the number of the kits of samples.
  • Get access to all subscribed retailers.
  • Showcase your collection from the following season and receive orders online.
  • Show current season collections and receive repetitive orders online.
  • Only you or your authorized representative can give access to each client that you want to show your collection
  • Easy to use – similar to social media
  • B2B newsletters
  • Chat live with our support team.
  • Actual online statistics of your sales

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the advantages of me receiving an online order from my New or Existing Clients though «Dino Mignon »?

  1. Save time for you and your customers who cannot meet you at your showrooms.
  2. Receive orders at any time of the day and throughout the season.
  3. Offer a new level of convenience to your customers
  4. Maximize your customers’ engagement.
  5. You can receive multiple orders simultaneously from many clients, even while you are working with another client at your showroom or while you are at your home, or even on vacation.
  6. You become a part of a community along with other brands / international representatives / distributors.
  7. You will have the choice to advertise your brand / agency in a platform with great visibility to all retailers of the industry worldwide.

What are the available methods of payment for the orders?

You can determine the methods of payment with each of your clients.

What are the costs for me or my clients if they place an order online?

  1. There are no annual fees for you in the first season.
  2. There are no costs for Retailers. The use of the Dino Mignon for all Retailers is 100% FREE!

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